Mission, Vision and Goals

Mission: Our mission is to implement programs that focus on achieving outcomes by engaging community partners in helping people living in poverty strengthen their lives.

Vision: We envision the future when a minimum of eighty-five percent of citizens we serve in Alachua, Levy and Marion Counties achieve and maintain a standard of living above the established federal poverty guidelines.

Goals: Our goals are to sensitize the community, government and private sectors to the needs of the poor, promote institutional change and maintain a service delivery network that provides the opportunity for individuals to move towards self-sufficiency and independence.


In 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson declared an "unconditional war on poverty" and created the 1964 Economic Opportunity Act. Working with the poverty task force created by Kennedy, President Johnson created the Office of Economic Opportunity to administer a wide variety of poverty prevention and alleviation programs created under the 1964 Economic Opportunity Act.

Community Action Agencies were founded on the idea that local citizens were the most knowledgeable and best equipped to address problems of poverty in their communities. Community Action gave previously powerless people the means to work toward their own economic and social advancement. Community Action Agencies help people to help themselves in achieving self-sufficiency. Today, there are approximately 1,000 Community Action Agencies in the United States.